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Resettlement progress at HMP Springhill

In its annual report for 2022, the IMB at Springhill open prison commends the fact that resettlement activity had increased, with more men able to go out to work or maintain family ties, though the living conditions in the prison remained poor.

The Board reports that:

  • The number of prisoners released on temporary licence (ROTL) for work or family contact was close to pre-pandemic levels.
  • The prison was a safe place, with low incidents of self-harm and levels of violence.
  • More men were living in new single hut accommodation.


  • The condition of the living areas remains very poor, with damaged floors, broken doors, and failing boilers.
  • The outside work available too often does not lead to regular employment on release.

IMB Springhill Chair, Christoff Lewis, said:

‘More men have been able to access full time work in the community although in too many cases this is not sustainable work, as fewer than half of them are still employed six weeks after their release. The living accommodation for most men remains very poor and does not help contribute to a positive resettlement ethos.’